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At PHI DESIGN, we approach each project with the highest dedication and attention to detail. Our goal is to create not just a design, but a personalized and memorable experience for each client.

Throughout time, people have always tried to understand why certain objects, works of art, songs, photographs, etc., are more pleasing to the eye or to the ear. The answer lies in this PHI, an irrational number, 1.618, that sets the entire Universe in motion – the golden number, a map of creation, found constantly in nature. 

When the golden ratio is applied to what surrounds us, in the interior spaces where we live, we feel fulfilled and balanced, thanks to the harmonious proportions we perceive.

In our perpetual search for universal harmony, we strive to discover the perfect formula that governs all that surrounds us in nature. 

This quest inspires us in our ultimate role as architects – to improve the quality of people’s lives. We bow to nature and are fascinated by geometry, shapes, textures and colors that guide us in our search for aesthetic happiness.
Thus, PHI DESIGN STUDIO aims to fulfill this goal.




architect & interior architect


interior architect

With a team of talented architects, we are here to provide you with specialized consulting and design services, starting from the initial conceptualization stage to the actual implementation of the project.

We love our profession deeply, as we believe it is essential to contribute to improving the quality of life – this being the ultimate role of an architect, as our homes directly affect our daily lives.

Together, we combine everything like pieces of a puzzle until we achieve the final image of your project! Therefore, we offer you our years of training and experience in the field. Our mission is to help you discover yourself, to bring out your desires and passions so they can be reflected in your home.

We enjoy working on interior design projects, tackling them with enthusiasm to put our creativity to work. We aim to emphasize the importance we place on our work and the goal of achieving measurable results.

If your home doesn’t provide the comfort you need, your level of satisfaction decreases day by day, eventually affecting your mood. Interior design has evolved significantly, leading to a new way of understanding and feeling space. Space has become non-verbal communication, an extension of the individual.

This process of organizing space will help you flourish and strengthen your personality, enabling you to express and convey your values and state of mind. This way, you can meet all the needs of your lifestyle, having your own world, a sanctuary where you feel wonderful, allowing you to enjoy your free time with your family.

Whether you’re thinking of furnishing your new home or remodeling your current one, whether you want to keep your old furniture and give the space a refresh or you’re looking for custom-made furniture, we can help. Your home is your sanctuary, and a job well done should be designed in the most professional way possible.

Because we are all unique, it’s important to have someone who listens to us and understands our needs based on what interests us and makes us unique. Only then can we live comfortably in our homes and improve the way we live. That’s why our projects are so different – because each project is tailored to the client’s requirements and personality, which we discover.

We will help you have a spatial, aesthetic, and functional vision that will allow you to have a global picture of the project. We will provide you with a study tailored to your needs and your space!



The interior design project entails a complex process with multiple stages, starting from a well-established concept, ensuring a comprehensive approach to crafting the perfect space.


We are also specialized in furniture design, and our mission is to create bespoke pieces that elevate interior spaces to new heights of elegance and functionality. We work closely with skilled craftsmen and manufacturers to ensure that each design is meticulously crafted to reflect the unique vision and style of our clients.


At our studio, custom artwork involves curating unique decorative pieces, including sculptures, paintings, bespoke lighting fixtures etc. We meticulously craft each item to reflect the individual style and preferences of our clients, adding a personalized touch to their space.


Our expertise extends to landscape design, where we skillfully design outdoor spaces to harmonize with their surroundings while meeting the unique needs of our clients. We transform landscapes into captivating and practical environments that enhance the overall aesthetic and usability of outdoor areas.


Our team meticulously crafts each detail to create unforgettable experiences. Whether it’s creating stunning centerpieces, arranging breathtaking floral displays, or designing captivating lighting setups, we bring our expertise and creativity to every event, ensuring it exceeds expectations.


The architectural concept embodies the fundamental idea and vision that guides the design process, integrating functionality, aesthetics, and context to create a cohesive and innovative architectural solution.



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