SURFACE: 190 mp

TIMELINE: dec. 2023- march 2024

The overall concept is based on the optimization of space to ensure efficient circulation and a productive working environment. Rounded perimeter storage adds a pleasing design element and facilitates circulation flows.

THE ENTRANCE AREA, which will accommodate sofas and serve as a lounge area, required an ingenious approach given the presence of technical elements, such as the hydrant, which could not be covered with storage. To add an element of vitality and partially mask these unsightly features of the wall, we developed a flexible and sophisticated solution, using a discreet curtain on a curved gallery, which will not only contribute to the camouflage of the ethnic wall, but will define it elegantly and spatially for discussions and relaxation.


The color chosen for the ceiling, desaturated green, is inspired by the company’s logo and serves to create a refreshing and airy atmosphere, extending the feeling of height inside. This aspect contributes to the creation of a strong visual identity that is closely linked to the brand.


Organic lighting with neoflex tape not only effectively illuminates the space, but also outlines and marks circulation flows, adding a contemporary and attractive touch.
Lighting becomes a central element in creating the overall atmosphere and defining the circulation flows inside.


An area dedicated to the glass-enclosed office has been integrated, which has been designed to blend harmoniously with an enclosed storage area that will serve the printer area, creating a unitary ensemble.
Thus, the print area is strategically located in the heart of the open space, with easy access for all employees.


The phone booth was placed in the office area, next to the pole, without disrupting the organization of the space and traffic flows. The cabin becomes a private refuge in the middle of an open space


The desks were placed face to face, perpendicular to the window to avoid the negative effects of direct light on the screens.


In the kitchen area, we chose to integrate two bar areas – one in the center of the space and the other located along the wall – to preserve and maximize the use of the existing bar stools.
To add an element of the spectacular and nature to this space, we created an illuminated wall with built-in plants. This feature not only brings a novel visual effect, but also enriches the environment with a touch of freshness. The “green” specific to the design concept is thus integrated in another form, contributing to the creation of a friendly and relaxing atmosphere in the kitchen area.


The proposed changes in the bathroom area involve maintaining two toilet spaces, at the expense of the kitchen area. Additionally, the access to the restroom facilities has been reconfigured to be more efficient and separated from the circulation and office area. Access to the toilets will now be from the side, through a well-thought-out buffer space.


These modifications have implications for the glass wall in the former kitchen, which will be repositioned further back, making space for a new storage cabinet in the buffer area. As a result, the kitchen will expand to an area of 15.60 square meters and will include two bar areas for dining.


This reconfiguration significantly improves the functionality of the space, providing a more efficient and well-organized environment for people, as well as a more enjoyable experience in the kitchen and restroom areas.


A closed office space with glass partitions has been added, and in its vicinity, a dedicated area for printers has been proposed, which will also include a generous storage space. The printing area is strategically positioned centrally within this space, ensuring easy access both now and in the future when additional offices are introduced.


These additions not only enhance the functional aspects of the workspace but also consider future expansion needs, promoting a flexible and accommodating environment for the team.


Storage units have been positioned around the perimeter of the space in areas where the space allows such placement. These cabinets feature rounded ends, providing the space with a fluid and organic appearance.


This approach ensures not only a practical storage solution but also contributes to the smooth flow of circulation within the designed space.