sleek fusion




LOCATION: Pipera, Bucharest

SURFACE: 360mp

TIMELINE: sept. 2023- june 2024

We will step into the “Sleek fusion” sanctuary, into another story written with passion in every detail, reflecting the unique essence of the place called home. A project where elegance meets simplicity, and emotions find their place in every detail. 

At the heart of this villa, you discover an engaging living room, an open space that pulses with life and sophistication. Stepping into the living room, your eyes are embraced by a neutral color palette, where cream and gray tones create a calm and comforting background. Accents of black and metal add a subtle touch of mystery, while the imposing mustard sofa instantly becomes a focal point, exuding warmth and personality.


Natural light pours in generously through the large windows, illuminating every corner of this sanctuary. With a glance towards the home’s garden, the connection with nature is evident and the simplicity of the design encourages a sense of balance and peace. In one corner, the dining table, made with attention to detail, becomes an intimate place for long conversations and emotional dinners. Behind the sofa, a modern staircase sweeps its steps grandly upstairs, adding an element of elegance and mystery. Each step represents a hidden story, a journey to the private spaces of the house!


Stepping into the intimate world of the first floor of this villa, you discover a sanctuary of rest and dreams. The master bedroom impresses with elegance and refinement, being carefully designed to offer a refuge where comfort and luxury harmoniously blend.
The neutral color palette continues to dominate this space, with warm tones cream and grey embracing the walls, creating a relaxing and comforting atmosphere. Discreet accents of black add a touch of elegance and sophistication, enhancing the overall aesthetic.
A king-size bed, becomes the centerpiece of the master bedroom, inviting to rest and relaxation. The bed area is accentuated by the ceiling design, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Additionally, the bed is positioned closer to the ground, enhancing the feeling of comfort and tranquility.
Furthermore, the two children’s bedrooms continue the aesthetic and functional story begun on the ground floor. Each bedroom reflects the personality and preferences of the little one who will occupy it. The son’s bedroom, with its straight and minimalist lines, is an airy and tidy space, ideal for stimulating creativity and concentration.
On the other hand, the daughter’s bedroom becomes an oasis of delicacy and femininity, where curved lines and fluid shapes add an air of grace and gentleness. Her bed, also adorned with soft linens, follows the same design language, creating a dreamy corner for the little lady, inviting her to dream and explore the surrounding world in a safe and comforting environment.
In conclusion, the first floor of this villa continues to blend functionality and aesthetics in a harmonious way, offering its inhabitants a perfect framework to live and create unforgettable memories.


Ascending to the loft of this villa, you enter a versatile space that seamlessly combines functionality with style. Here, the mini living room area merges harmoniously with a fitness zone, delineated by sleek glass doors with black frames. The loft serves both guests and homeowners alike, boasting ample storage spaces, a generous guest bedroom, a laundry area, and a dedicated fitness zone.
The loft of this villa is a multifunctional space designed to accommodate the diverse needs and lifestyles of its inhabitants. Whether entertaining guests, staying active, or simply relaxing and unwinding, the loft offers a stylish and comfortable environment for living life to the fullest.